Horizontal corrugators - Merco machines

Horizontal corrugators

Horizontal corrugators

Improving rigidity through corrugations

Our latest generation horizontal corrugators/W-beaders are designed for making standard beads, W-beads and currugation on both Tight Head and Open Head drums.

They benefit full servo controlled drive mechanisms, thus making redundant any form of hydraulics.

This results in reduced operational costs -less energy consumption and maintenance costs- and allows a smooth opertation due to the extensive use of closed loop servo control mechanisms.

This equipment is rated for corrugating and (W-)beading up to 720 drums/h, and drums up to 1,5 mm thick (0,059" - gauge 15).

  • Capacity: up to 720 drums/h
  • Drum thickness: up to 1,5 mm (0,059" - gauge 15)
  • Heads: Both tight head and open head

This machine has 2 moving heads that enter the drum by means of a crank system. To avoid crashes, the clamping chuck rings on both sides are supported by pneumatic cylinders to avoid crashes in case an operator forgets to change the drum height. The clamping rings are fixed to the machine frame and close on the drum, they are driven and accelate prior to the W-beading/corrugating operation.

Both the inside - and outside tooling and the clamping rings are driven to optimise speed synchronisation and minimise pick-up and wear of the tooling. The inside tooling is lifted with driven cams to a fixed position in relation to the clamping chucks. Also the outside tooling is driven by means of an electric motor, and actuated by servo driven cams.

Drum height adjustment and operation mode selection (W-beads, corrugating,..) can be done by means of the HMI touch panel on the operator panel. For the drum height adjustment, 2 brake motors are used with electronic scale read-out on the HMI. For the corrugating depth adjustment, only the depth of the outside tooling is adjustable. When the corrugating depth is adjusted (from 3.5 to 4.5mm), also the W-bead depth will change in the same amount.

As a standard, the machine includes an electrical main control panel with  Siemens PLC S7-1500 and an Operator Panel TP 1200, which contains all basic functions to operate the machine. The control cabinet is equipped with all necessary control components such as contactors, relays, overload relays, 24VDC supply, frequency inverters,…



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