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Neck-in machines

Neck-in machines

Our vertical neck-in machines are available as a stand-alone machine in different variants (chain conveyor or shuttle conveyor) or as an integrated station of our 3th generation body forming equipment and handle up to 800 drums/h.

They reduce the outside diameter at the curl of a standard OH drum from 571,5 mm (22.5”) to 545 mm (21.46”) by mechanically crimping the drums at the curl.

Our neck-in machines are servo controlled. A Siemens touch screen HMI is included.

Servo controlled machines have distinctive advantages over hydraulically operated versions: they consume less energy, require less maintenance and have an increased life expectancy.

  • Capacity: up to 800 drums/h
  • Drum thickness: up to 1,5 mm (gauge 15)
  • Heads: Open head

As a stand-alone machine, our vertical neck-in machines include a pneumatic gate to allow drums coming in one-by-one.

A dual arm shuttle mechanism (or double sided servo controlled shuttle conveyor in case of integration into our body forming lines) positions the drum under the servo controlled neck-in tooling head.

A pneumatically actuated or servo controlled lift device moves the drum towards the crimping tooling.

This lift device can be set up easily for different drum heights throughout the HMI touch screen panel with digital readout.

Finally, neck-in drums exit the machine by means of a driven roller or chain conveyor.

Optionally we can supply the machine with a special design curling ring to produce a 360° curl.


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